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Corporate Art, Office Art

Outfitting a new or renovated office? We can provide low-cost custom-made framed art, ready-to-hang in your offices, hallways, and lobbies. Choose from thousands of quality fine art prints in a wide variety of styles, then choose picture mouldings and mattes for the look you want. We then custom make your corporate art order in our US plant and ship the finished pictures direct to your office building.

Since 1997 Crown Arts has been providing custom-made pictures to office buildings around the USA. We provide attractive fine art at prices that fit today's corporate budgets.

Corporate Art for Your Office

We can custom build framed art for nearly any situation:

  • Lobby Artwork
  • Offices and Meeting Rooms
  • Hallways and Common Areas
  • Breakrooms, Restrooms

Corporate Art That Fits Your Style

Because we stock thousands of prints, tens-of-thousands of feet of moulding, and operate our own facilities right here in the US, we can custom-produce framed art for your corporate art project with a very quick turnaround.